“Just wanted to say thanks for the personal leadership course. I really enjoyed the content and the assessment really made me think about my life and choices. It has had a pretty profound impact on my life so far and I am positive about the long-term benefits of my goals.”

James Dekker
MBA student

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you. You worked with me and the other Principal musicians at the Queensland Orchestra in 2008. It was a difficult time for me in the orchestra and your assistance was outstanding in dealing with the numerous issues that I was facing it the orchestra. Since that time I moved to Melbourne to take up the Principal Horn position in the Melbourne Symphony and more recently I have moved to Los Angeles to become the Principal Horn of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. I feel that implementing many of the skills that you taught have greatly contributed to my success. I hope that everything is going well for you and I’m very glad to see that you are working with the Melbourne Symphony. Your work is outstanding and I am very grateful for the opportunity to have worked with you.”

Andrew Bain
Principal Horn of the Los Angeles Philharmonic

“Dr Tim Baker was Guest Speaker at our recent monthly Business Excellence Breakfast held in Tweed/ Southern Gold Coast Tim is the accomplished author of several high selling business books and spoke on “Attracting and Retaining Talent” one of his recent publications. His skill is making an analysis of fine details of business into a simplified procedure that can be understood by all. He held his audience’s attention from his opening words with his wide business experience. Tim has a speaking style that relates well to any group and makes a real connection with his audience. He has the gift of being able to transfer his successful business methods to any group. Having conducted business events and speakers for over 23 continuous years I state that any business or group that hires or uses his services will benefit a thousand fold. The feedback I received following his presentation was all positive.”

John Hurd
JP AIMM – Founder and Coordinator of Business Excellence Events

“Throughout my career, I have never been so positively impacted and so equipped to face leadership as through being coached by Dr Tim Baker. Dr Baker was my executive coach for over a year and provided me with not only the skills, methods and out-of-the box creative ideas to succeed in my leadership roles, his coaching provided me with the confidence to face any leadership situation that may arise whether negative or positive. Dr Baker is prepared to communicate the cold hard facts when change is needed and also has the tenacity and strength in disposition to ” go against the flow” and challenge the norm when it comes to executive leadership.. Dr Bakers’ encouragement to find my strengths and focus on these rather than my weakness was a turning point in my career. The proof of success of the executive coaching I received from Dr Baker is evidenced by the great teams I have worked with since and the comments from colleagues that imply ” I want what he’s having”.. People have asked me what am I doing to succeed and I point them to my coaching from Dr Tim. I highly recommend receiving executive coaching for anyone serious about leadership and if you are fortunate to receive this from Dr Baker, you will be more than successful.“

Andrew Gillan
Program and Project Controls Manager

“On behalf of the Bribie Better Business Inc. I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to you for the excellent presentation you gave last night at our monthly Better Business Networking event.
As you are aware, I have been consulting to SME’s for many, many years, and in all that time I have organised and ran networking events, and I have always had the good fortune to attract some outstanding Presenters and Speakers.
I have no hesitation in stating that you are one of the very best that I have encountered. Your understanding of the needs of people, particularly when running a business, and the down-to-earth manner in the way you deliver your presentation is both refreshing and enlightening.
The message that you delivered on Performance Appraisals was packed with ideas and techniques for getting the very best out of your team, and, as a result, generating more prospects, more clients, more sales and more income. Yet you delivered this presentation in such a professional manner that it was explained in a simplistic step-by-step process understood by all.
I would add that I have never seen so many people taking notes as they did during your presentation.
The feedback from the audience, the requests from so many of them for you to return to give another presentation has prompted me to write this letter of gratitude to you, coupled with the request for you to consider returning again, in the near future, to give another presentation, please Tim”.

Dennis Chiron
President (Bribie Better Business Inc.)

“I have known Dr Tim Baker for a number of years and have been so impressed with his Coaching and Leadership development expertise that I have kept on hiring him where ever I have worked. Tim get’s to the heart of business culture and works with staff to bring out the very best in their leadership capabilities. Both my leadership skills and career have benefited enormously from his guidance and I would recommend him to anyone seeking to add genuine business leadership skills to their business or with an interest in their employees development.”

Alastair Dawson
Deputy Vice Chancellor (CQ University)

“Tim has been a very successful contributor to QUT’s Executive Education programs. He is a very dependable and gifted facilitator”.

Stephane Tywoniak
Associate Professor, QUT Business School

“I have no hesitation in recommending Tim to any organisation. Tim’s knowledge of adult learning is second to none. Tim walks the walk and knows how to get the best out someone without them even realising. Tim can operate on any level without fear. After attending a course with Tim, I tried to add some of Tim’s style into the way I trained. If you’re looking for results, Tim is the person you should talk to.”

Darrel West
Abigroup Contractors

“Thanks again for the fantastic training today and also our one on one session. I found our time together extremely valuable, and am really keen to work with you further. I think you are absolutely amazing at what you do and feel very grateful to have you work with my team.”

Sue-Ellen Watts

“I just wanted to take a minute to say a big thank you for teaching the foundations course over the past 12 weeks. I must admit I was less than excited about taking this course when I first heard of it. However, my attitude changed within 30 minutes of the first session. I really enjoyed the course! Thank you for taking time to share your own consulting experiences.”

Michael McIlwaine
Australian Taxation Office

“Tim Baker is a pleasure to work with, understands our business, has superb knowledge and outstanding presentation skills”.

Michael J. Alafaci
Texas SAP United States

“Tim Baker’s presentation skills are clearly very good, and he consistently impresses with the enthusiasm, energy and intensity he brings to his work. I can thoroughly recommend Tim in his work as a trainer and consultant involved in change and development.”

Neville I. Smith
Director Health Explorers

“The knowledge and style of Tim Baker as a presenter is excellent – the combination of Tim’s teaching and the material from Stephen Covey’s book has had a tremendous impact on our organisation.”

Megan Reed
Morris International

“Always fair and shared time with everyone. Well presented an clearly spoken.”

Nicole Stewart
Morris International

“Very approachable, reliable, relaxed, fun, interesting, honest and realistic.”

Kate Benson
Morris International

“Tim Baker has excellent knowledge and understanding, his style is interesting and effective, and he is always very approachable.”

Tammy Cugley
Morris International

“Tim Baker is an excellent coach with outstanding communication and conceptual skills. The services provided by his company are of the highest standard in the human resources industry and are guaranteed to produce results.”

Glenn Spouszta
Project Manager Gold Coast City Council

“By the end of Tim Baker’s coaching sessions, I believe I have improved my management skills in the specific areas of my needs which benefits both myself and my employer.”

Glen Wakefield
Construction Supervisor Prestressing

“Our respective targets for personal development were agreed with Tim Baker in a climate of mutual respect of professional qualifications.”

Gerry Dalton
Queensland Cultural Centre Trust

“Tim Baker’s knowledge of his topic was excellent and his group interaction skills encouraged open discussion based learning.”

David Whybird
Managing Director Bornhorst & Ward

“Tim Baker created a fantastic learning environment, it was completely relaxed and self-paced. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim to any organisation or person to conduct their training and or take care of their training needs.”

Darrel West
Workplace Trainer Queensland Rail

“Dr Tim is an insightful and passionate consultant who delivers results. He has the intellectual capacity to find practical, real world solutions for even the most complex issues.”

Sarah Eqbal
TMS Training Consultant

“This training was excellent, thoroughly enjoyed both the “one on one” and group sessions last week. I have got Stephen who is just great. Not overpowering and demanding just really down to earth and easy to talk to. Looking forward to the next round, this is a great council initiative!”

Megan Armstrong
Rockhampton Regional Council

“I think the group and individual sessions are going really well. I feel I am benefiting from them and I think some people continually like to use the excuses of ‘no resources’ and ‘no time’ without looking at themselves, their team and their current work processes”.

Kerry Graham
Rockhampton Regional Council

“I believe such leadership training programs can only offer assistance to managers”.

Ian Dare
Rockhampton Regional Council

“I have found all of the sessions both individual and group to be beneficial, interesting and though provoking. While some topics are always going to be of more interest to some than others especially with such a large groups there will always be something that you can take away from the session that you might use if not straight away but sometime in the future”.

Roz Owens
Rockhampton Regional Council

“Must say that fellow from Dr Tim’s office working with … is a genius and she has really on-board his comments”.

Stephen Waller
Rockhampton Regional Council

For the betterment of the Infrastructure Planning Unit, this leadership program is clearly working. Dr Tim’s analysis of my 2nd round reviews shows that the changes we are making are having a positive effect both on my leadership and the IPU Team more especially.
The improved review results were in areas where we had applied changed practices and innovations. Some changes will take some time to translate into measurable results but the whole program is a very positive experience.

Mike Prior
Rockhampton Regional Council

“I found the Certificate IV in Frontline Management course to be continuously rewarding; I have developed lifelong skills that not only can be incorporated in a professional sense but also on a personal level.
Credit must be given to Dr Tim Baker and his staff at WINNERS AT WORK for their professional conduct throughout the entire course. It was pleasure learning from Tim who has taught skills what I will continue to use throughout my professional career and my life.”

Letitia Little

“Tim Baker has endeavoured to understand the needs of our business and has been very effective in the development of our Sales Team. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim to companies requiring effective, honest and reliable training requirements.”

Ron Sammons
Sales Manager Tubemakers Water
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