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Managing Remotely: 10 Tips

One of the consequences of the current crises we are going through is that working from home is inevitable. Understandably, many managers are very apprehensive about how to manage their team virtually.

Join me on Wednesday 8 April from 12:30pm to 1:30pm to discuss and share some practical tips for managing remotely. Circulate this to your colleagues.

At the end of this live broadcast, you will be able to:

  • Feel more confident managing remotely.
  • Understand the requirements of your team in the current environment.
  • Apply 10 tools for to enhance communication, engagement, and focus.

We’ll answer the following questions:

  • Which platform should I use to communicate?
  • What are the best forms of communication, apart from email?
  • How do I form KPIs, working remotely?
  • What some good ways of managing my expecatiuons?
  • How can I run effective meetings online?
  • How can I give meanmingfulfeeback when I can’t ‘see’ my team members?
  • What can be done to manage our stakeholders?
  • How do I create an upward spiral of positivity?

You will also get to hear from others in the webinar who will share their wisdom.

You can register here for Just $75 per person for this valuable Lunch & Learn Session.

Leadership Development

Lunch & Learn is an innovative leadership development program for middle managers and supervisors. Its designed to build core leadership competencies in the areas of

  • Effective feedback
  • Personal influence
  • Team performance
  • Maximising performance
  • Understanding people
  • Effective meetings

Each of the six units are one hour and focused and practical. The units are presented over lunch (AEST) to minimise interruption in the workplace. They are piped into the computer screen of the manager while they eat their lunch.

After each unit, participants receive a set of PowerPoint slides and a full audio recording for revision,or if they missed the presentation. The units are interactive—participants can ask questions throughout the broadcast and are encouraged to email the presenter between sessions with their questions and share their success stories.


Unit 1—The Ingredients of Effective Feedback

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. This session looks at the practical considerations that enable leaders to give powerful feedback that reinforces or changes behaviour. What are the do’s and don’ts when giving team members feedback that make a difference?

Unit 2—Enhancing Your Personal Influence

Influence is the lifeblood of leadership. What are the four strategies to influence anybody about anything? Good influencers use a variety of ways to persuade their colleagues and team members. This session is designed to broaden and deepen the leader’s influencing capability.

Unit 3—Optimising Team Performance

Performance conversations that are regular and focussed is critical to managing performance in a team. What sort of performance conversations should the leader have? How often? What is the leader’s role in these conversations? Saving up feedback for the annual performance review is not the answer.

Unit 4—Getting the Very Best from People

The primary task of a leader is to get the very best from each of his or her team members. How can this be done? What makes people tick? What do I need to do as a leader to create the motivational climate for team members to flourish and give of their best? Some practical and easy to implement ways of enhancing performance are covered.

Unit 5—Understanding People and their Personalities

Dealing with a multitude of different personalities is a core capability of a leader. What are the motivations of the various personalities and how does a leader deal with them, particularly those who have a different personality to the leader? Seeing the world through the eyes of others is critically important for any leader to be effective.

Unit 6—Facilitating Effective Meetings

Most meetings are perceived as a waste of time. How can meetings be more efficient and effective? Leaders have a responsibility to facilitate productive meetings. Being good at running meetings is the hallmark of a good leader. Some practical tips are covered.

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“The knowledge and style of Tim Baker as a presenter is excellent – the combination of Tim’s teaching and the material from Stephen Covey’s book has had a tremendous impact on our organisation.”

Megan Reed
Morris International



By investing in your leaders, you create organisational leverage. The benefit for your organisation in enrolling your leaders in this series is that it’s a cost-effective alternative to sending people away to an expensive course, with little relevance to your workplace. The program is completed over lunch and is short, focussed, and practical.


The leader can develop their career skills over lunch and minimises the disruption to their normal day. The tips and tools can be implemented immediately after lunch, while it’s fresh in the leader’s mind.


“Fantastic session Tim, I liked how clear and concise your points were and how you facilitated in context but also offered suggested questions to ask in each situation – for myself its half the battle to think about these little things!”
Byron Mitchell —Amart Sports

Amart Sports

“By any measure, you are a very effective speaker and educator I have found your webinar’s especially intriguing. Thanks for the great learnings you have been delivering through this online program.I have taken away with me some great tips that I now use in my work place to motivate and get the best out of my crews”.
Tony Chicco – Queensland Fire & Emergency Services


Dr Tim Baker is an internationally recognised authority on leadership, management and organisational development. In 2013, Tim was voted one of the 50 Most Talented Global Training & Development Leaders by the World HRD Congress. In a nutshell, Tim has conducted over 2,430 seminars, workshops and keynote addresses to over 45,000 people in 11 countries across 21 industry groups.


Enrolling and participation in a Lunch & Learn series entitles you to:

  • Six one-hour broadcasts on the latest thinking in leadership
  • Six YouTube video recordings of all presentations
  • Six sets of PowerPoint slides of all presentations
  • One detailed (14 pages) electronic profile report on your influencing capabilities (valued at $88)
  • One personality profile
  • Unlimited access to the presenter between sessions via email
  • A copy of Dr Tim Baker’s latest book (valued at $60)

For more information, please contact Tim on 61 7 413 636 832 or

Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!

Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!