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Performance Improvement

Performance improvement can occur at the individual, team and organisational levels; hopefully, all three, at the same time! We have a range of cutting-edge tools to cater for the diversity of performance issues.

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Culture Change

How do you move from your current culture to a culture of attraction and retention? How do you become an employer of choice? This approach is based on the eight values of highly productive companies.

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Change Management

Most change management strategies don’t work because they focus on the systems and not the people. Our approaches focus on the four emotional stages of change.

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Leadership Development

Our popular LUNCH N LEARN series looks at the fundamental capabilities of leadership in the changing world of work.

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Organisational and Individual Profiling

Our organisational profiling looks at teams, personality, conflict management, culture change, and influence.

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Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching programs are highly sought after because they create significant behaviour change.

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Team Development

Understanding how people like to contribute in teams is the starting point to building high performing teams. We use the Team Management Systems suite of diagnostics. We consider the eight characteristics of high performing teams.

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“By the end of Tim Baker’s coaching sessions, I believe I have improved my management skills in the specific areas of my needs which benefits both myself and my employer.”

Glen Wakefield
Construction Supervisor Prestressing

Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!

Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!