The Influencing Capabilities Profile

Without influence, managers are ineffective. There is growing recognition that this is a core leadership competency for managers, across industries, geographies, and sectors. Managers need to influence up, down, and increasingly, sideways, as organisations become flatter, more manoeuvrable and less hierarchical.

The Influencing Capabilities Profile provides you with an understanding of your preferred influencing strategy.

This is based on the four influencing strategies that make up the Influencing Capabilities Framework: investigating, calculating, motivating, and collaborating.

This report (click on the report above to see a sample profile) is designed to diagnose your influencing capabilities, and in turn develop your managerial influence. Besides providing you with your profile, it will give you valuable information on your strengths and opportunities for growth as an influencer.

It also includes hyperlinks to the different strategies used by four prominent and highly influential leaders. style of several famous people. This framework and report has proven to enhance the ability of managers to influence. It is based on The New Influencing Toolkit: Capabilities for Communicating with Influence, with over 60 practical techniques and methods to enhance each of the four influencing strategies.

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“Must say that fellow from Dr Tim’s office working with … is a genius and she has really on-board his comments”.

Stephen Waller
Rockhampton Regional Council

Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!

Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!