The TMP is a personalised report that gives individuals insights into how they work and their preferred role within a team, based on the Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel seen to the left. Focusing on work preferences as well as individual differences makes it easy to connect individual development to operational realities in the workplace.


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How does it work?

Participants receive by email a Team Management Profile to complete. The profile takes approximately 15-minutes to complete. These profiles provide data to create a team profile and an individual profile. From here, participants will attend a workshop. In the workshop, the methodology will be explained, and the profiles distributed.

Please contact Tim Baker if you would like more information about this process.

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“I think the group and individual sessions are going really well. I feel I am benefiting from them and I think some people continually like to use the excuses of ‘no resources’ and ‘no time’ without looking at themselves, their team and their current work processes”.

Kerry Graham
Rockhampton Regional Council,

Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!

Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!