What role do you play in your team?

Effective teams are vital for the success of a specific business unit and your organisation as a whole. The ability to understand your own preference style as well as others within your team is invaluable.

The Team Management Profile provides a practical model for effective teamwork in any context:

  • Gives an overview of how balanced the team is

  • Promotes mutual understanding and respect

  • Provides an opportunity for more open communication

  • Gives guidance for personal and career development

  • Highlights the importance of understanding and managing diversity

  • Gives insights into how to resolve conflict

  • Provides a complete approach to building and maintaining balanced, high-energy teams


Team Management Wheel


“By enhancing their knowledge and understanding of the world of work and giving them a simple language with which to communicate, you can help teams to achieve peak performance in the workplace.”

WINNERS-AT-WORK Managing Director Dr Tim Baker is an accredited Team Management Profile Facilitator and can hold in-house workshops with your team, to help improve team processes and performance, which will in turn improve motivation and job satisfaction.

If you would like to find out more information about Team Management Profiles, please contact Leah McDonald, directly on (07)3899 8881 or via email leah@winnersatwork.com.au.

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Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!