How does the WINNERS AT WORK executive coaching programme work?

This is a six month process for managers based on workplace learning and application. The executive coaching programm is structured around six, one hour coaching sessions over a six month period. The process runs through three distinctive phases:

Phase one (session one)

Identification of the manager’s strengths and opportunities for future growth using a 360-degree feedback methodology that covers the following facets of management and leadership:

  • leadership skills
  • problem solving and decision making
  • team development skills
  • training staff
  • developing trust
  • coaching skills
  • communication skills
  • handling and resolving conflict
  • counselling for performance improvement
  • effective delegation
  • safety

Phase two (sessions two to five)

Ongoing interaction between the coach and the manager, using personal insight, regular monitoring, formulation and execution of action plans, and facilitated feedback to assist in achievement of identified tasks and objectives and consolidation of appropriate behavioural changes.

Phase three (session six)

review of achievements and insights gained throughout the programme and identification of action plans and targets to be achieved in the future.

♦ Additional coaching sessions and enhancement modules can be added to the programme if required.

How is our programme different from others?

The executive coaching programme quite different and a superior human development experience for the distinctions and advantages it has over traditional learning and development approaches.

Progress and development of the manager is closely monitored by the coach and reinforced by the workplace mentor.

Coaching session content and times are negotiated between the coach and manager.

Every coaching session is customised specifically to suit the particular needs of the manager.

Sessions are often scheduled outside productive business hours and therefore minimises disruptions to the normal flow of work.

The real learning for managers takes place between coaching sessions in consultation with their workplace mentor and coach through the implementation of plans of action formulated at the completion of each coaching session.

The manager has unlimited interaction with their coach between sessions for the duration of the six month programme via telephone, email or Skype.

The manager works closely with their coach whose authoroty is derived from their skills and knowledge rather than a hierarchical position.

The innovative approach is designed to maximise workplace behavioural change with a minimum of disruption to normal work practices.

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“Tim Baker created a fantastic learning environment, it was completely relaxed and self-paced. I have no hesitation in recommending Tim to any organisation or person to conduct their training and or take care of their training needs.”

Darrel West
Workplace Trainer Queensland Rail,

Who benefits from the executive coaching programe?
All managers from CEO to front-line, project and technical leaders.

Holistic Image Profiling SYStem (HIPSYS)

a flexible and versatile program and methodology for that will help you to:

  • Develop individuals, teams and organisations via 360° feedback and discussion of results – and without putting labels on people.
  • Manage corporate image holistically, i.e., Self Image, Projected Image and Perceived Image.
  • Research organisational climates and cultures and manage change.
  • Improve organisational effectiveness and monitor and measure the result
  • Presents colourful visual data displays that can be easily understood by people of all educational levels
  • Meaningful reports with solid recommendations.
  • ‘Before’ and ‘After’ profiles allow you to monitor and measure the results of our intervention.

HIPSYS is a program and methodology that has consistently achieved results that clients in a wide variety of organisations are more than satisfied with. Read what others have to say about HIPSYS.

Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!

Receive the first chapter of Tim's new book today FREE!!!